This page is filled with useful articles, audio files, video clips and other research information that will help you uncover the great deception that has been waged against humanity. We urge you to inform yourself as much as you can because some of the hidden agendas of our leaders are very hard to believe. For this reason many people simply choose NOT to believe it and continue to live life in ignorance of the facts and listen to the news on the mainstream media which is owned and controlled by the same people who are manipulating humanity. It is up to us to inform ourselves and take the necessary corrective action to free humanity from the financial and economic tyranny imposed on us.
Interview with Scott Cundill - Chairman of the New Economic Rights Alliance. 
Scott explains the unlawful, unconstitutional and fraudulent activities of the banks in South Africa and the legal action that NewERA brought against the four major banks and the Reserve Bank of SA. Click on this link to view:  Scott Cundill Interview 

Scott Cundil Interview on Radio Today - Regarding Banking Activity and Corruption
Click Here to listen to the interview with Scott Cundill

Evidence that the South African Government is registered as a Corporation on the New York Securities Exchange.

This means that the government is using the people as slaves for their own needs. It also means that any institutions like ESCOM that are owned by the government, can actually now sell shareholding to invisible investors all around the world, selling the labour of its people into slavery for the repayments of loans and any other financial transctions that have been done behind our back. A great deception against the people. The government is appointed as the servant of the people, by the people. It has stolen the country from its people and sold its people into slavery to invisible shareholders around the world. 
Greed of the bankers exposed by senator in Vermont USA.

Bank Bailouts - The truth behind it

Laws & Words That Enslave Us - Dr Johan Joubert
A series of Audio Files containing interviews with the late Dr Johan Joubert who dedicated his life to bring us enlightenment and freedom from unlawful financial tyranny - How Admiralty Law is used to control humanity by turning us all into proverbial cargo.

ABSA Sells Homeowner's House For R1000 and Makes Her Pay The Balance Back.

Exposing the fraudulent activity of The Federal Reserve Bank
The South African Reserve Bank is no different.

Who is doing the BAIL-OUTS???

Max Keiser - Russia Today - "PARASITES WITH BAILOUTS'

Who Owns The World's Debt?

Learn About Your Fictional Identity Created by The Government
Also Known as YOUR STRAW MAN

Free-man & Straw-man Explained

History Of The World In 2 minutes


John Wolfe - Crisis By Design - How the BANKSTERS have stolen the world from the people.

Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton - Authority on mollecular biology and our genetic makeup.