Community Development

UBUNTU Village & Waterval Boven Community Development Projects

In order to create a platform for the future growth and sustainability of the Waterval Boven Ubuntu community, we are currently in discussion with the local municipality to get them to work with us and allocate funding, previously not accounted for, into the following projects :

1) Recycling of the rubbish dump – using the income for the community kitchen
2) Community kitchen – to feed the orphans, the aged and the homeless
3) Community food gardens and food forest - growing enough food for all our people all year round
4) Re-activating the vandalised food growing garden and strawberry farm
5) Mushroom cultivation – in one of the big halls at the fish farm
6) Growing seedlings and nursery – with primary school children learning new skills – beautifying our town with these plants and trees – fruit trees and nut trees for growing food along the streets and in the parks
7) Dairy – production of milk; cream; butter and cheese
8) Bakery – reactivate the bakery - get a master chef to train our bakers to bake many kinds of breads for our people and distribute to Mpumalanga
9) Resource Learning Centre for adults and children – Providing alternative learning of skills for life including computer programming, welding, woodwork, sewing, etc
10) Arts & Crafts Studio – pottery, weaving, fabrics, clothing, shoemaking and more
11) Music School – with a variety of instruments available for students
12) Restoring the vandalised town hall for educational film screenings – Musical performances , talent contests, theatrical shows, literacy training and more
13) Wood and timber factory – incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
14) Metal factory - incorporating a training facility – creating building materials, furniture and more
15) Manufacturing of various building materials including new alternative materials
16) Community laboratory to create healthy cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste in which we use the knowledge of local traditional healers
17) Upgrading of our hospital – inviting volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to come help out and share their knowledge and skills with our own healers and medical people
18) Manufacturing of Oxygenated Water – to provide the hospital and distribute around South Africa to heal our people – oxygenated water has shown to cure many diseases
19) Creation of public parks and recreational areas along the river - including the upgrading and activation of the trout dams – stimulating tourism
20) Tourism – Upgrade existing tourism attractions like the tunnel and introduce several new and exciting tourism attractions to benefit our people. Involve the community in this process
21) Upgrading and maintaining all the sporting facilities – including the swimming pool – and a community fitness centre/gym. Creating a healthy environment of sport and recreation with regular competition between teams for public participation and enjoyment
22) A local Radio Station at the community hall to inform and entertain our people
23) Fish Farm – we have a world class, state of the art fish farm that was bought by the municipality. At the moment it is vandalised and needs major fixing up – but it can be put to production very quickly if it is treated as a community project. This fish farm can produce more than a million fish per month, create many jobs and feed our entire town – and export the fish to Mpumalanga. It has come to our attention that the fish farm has been sold or given to the NOKA developers and that they want to demolish the fish farm to build a shopping centre. This would be a great pity since this fish farm should serve the community. A shopping centre can be built anywhere without the destruction of a valuable asset of the people. We strongly oppose the destruction of the fish farm at all cost – and propose the building of a shopping mall in some other open space.


About 70% of the population here is unemployed and unskilled. Our first step toward uplifting the community is sharing with them information about the nature of our global economic slavery and proposing solutions applicable to this community.  We require the buy-in of the local community here, for them to embrace the spirit of UBUNTU and the model of Contributionism as a unifying step toward the learning and sharing of skills, participation in the community projects and an eventual move toward free goods and services in return for contribution in the overall development of our community.

This is our first attempt at implementing the philosophies of Ubuntu into a community that has been left ravaged by incompetent municipal services and the governmental closure of the local railways. Unemployment and social problems are rife. We feel confident that once everybody is aware of what we intend for the community and why, things will organically move from a money driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community.

If you would like to visit us and come and see how our projects are unfolding, we have accommodation available at our UBUNTU Backpackers in Waterval Boven at the Stone Circle UBUNTU Village.  Email if you would like more information about your visit here.