South African Municipal Elections
3 August 2016

ONE Week to the Municipal Elections South Africa
$14,000 Required for the final week and election day costs

I will be mobilising around 1,040 people to be observers at about 260 voting stations for UBUNTU Party on election day. We have to pay for food and refreshments and travel expenses for the UBUNTU observers. At R100 per person for the day, means we need to raise R104,000 (one hundred and four thousand) Rand for the day's expenses. This is about $7200. We need an additional R100,000 for the last week's campaign costs. A total of $14,000 is needed NOW. At present we have less than $400 in the account.

I have never experienced so much stress and anxiety about anything - not for myself, but for not wanting to disappoint and let down the candidates and observers and volunteers that have been so hard at work in the 13 municipalities for three months. All of this will come to a historic climax on Wed 3 August 2016 - when we will win several seats in several of the municipalities and begin the transformation of our communities to abundance and prosperity for all.
Please support us if you can

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Our Address is: PO Box 204, Waterval Boven, 1195, South Africa. 
Physical: 17 Zasm Rd, Waterval Boven, 1195, Mpumalanga, South Africa.


We are targeting the 12 smallest municipalities in South Africa - because we will be able to reach all the people in these towns with our message. Our aim is to win the majority in just one small town. This is our Achilles Heel approach to inject the seed of consciousness into the political beast and lead by example to thousands of other towns in South Africa and in other countries to do the same. Ten years of work and spreading the UBUNTU philosophy have brought us to this point in time when we can change our future irreversibly for the better of humankind. It is possible and achievable - all we need is the full support of all those who resonate with our message. We need to use this opportunity to pierce the veil of control and create an exponential domino effect around the world that we believe will be unstoppable. Please do what you can to help us raise the required funding to make this a reality for all of us. See the bullet-point plan of action and funding options below.

Out main message for the municipal elections is FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ALL. Each municipality covers 4-5 towns, so our campaign will cover around 50 towns. When we become the elected party with an elected UBUNTU Mayor in the town, it will allow us to swiftly implement our UBUNTU plan of action and lead the way for other towns to follow.

We need your support to continue operating and growing to spread the UBUNTU message.

Like every aspect of society today, our ability to continue operating, growing, and spreading the UBUNTU philosophy, is controlled by money. While we are still trapped in this money-driven society we need to use money to free ourselves from the money. The administrative pressure on Louise and myself has become immense and we simply cannot cope with all the work on our own. While volunteers have been a great help from time to time, it is not a lasting solution. We urgently need to upgrade our office and facilities and bring in highly efficient people to help us grow and coordinate the many diverse activities that have evolved around us. 

OUR Most urgent needs:
  • Daily and monthly expenses in the UBUNTU Office
  • Upgrade of basic facilities
  • Printing materials and other consumables
  • Distributions of printed materials in South Africa
  • Travel expenses
  • Community projects - the launch and daily management
  • Salaries for new staff that we desperately need to hire
  • Political campaigning - Local Municipal elections 2016
  • Support of UBUNTU Party Candidates in 12 Municipalities = around 52 towns.

Please continue to support the UBUNTU Movement
Here is the UBUNTU plan of action for small towns - In bullet point 
  1. Win a local election
  2. Use the monthly funding received from government to initiate all our activities
  3. Install an UBUNTU municipality and Council of Elders to guide the decisions for the benefit of all
  4. Provide our own electricity supply for every town under our control - hydro or more exotic kind 
  5. Launch a diverse number of Community Projects like food, water, sports facilities, improved healthcare, engineering, dairy, bakery, etc
  6. A sufficient monthly budget is allocated initially to launch and run the projects
  7. These are well managed and coordinated by a chosen team of experts in that field.
  8. Everyone is asked to contribute 3 hours per week to these projects
  9. In return everyone who contributes 3 hours per week receives free electricity AND everything we grow or create in the projects
  10. Those who do not participate, continue to pay for electricity
  11. Turn our town into a powerful labour force, doing everything for ourselves, creating abundance for our people - and others around us – a town of 5,000 people will have 15,000 hours of labour per week
  12. This allows everyone to keep their jobs and not disrupt their lives in the initial transition phase, while participating in their own future prosperity
  13. This is a perfect launch and transitional model for people in towns with high unemployment and equally for those in more wealthy areas - everyone benefits
  14. Free electricity for everyone that contributes 3 hours per week to the projects
  15. Free electricity to all Community Projects
  16. Free labour for all Community Projects from those who participate
  17. Everything becomes available for free to all those who contribute 3 hours per week to the projects
  18. We create/grow/build 3 times as much as what we need for our whole town of everything we do
  19. We sell the 2/3 surplus to neighbouring towns at a fraction of the price available anywhere else
  20. The community bank account is controlled by the Council of Elders 
  21. This immediately begins to destroy the capitalist model - other towns will want what we have created
  22. Our town makes huge amounts of money which is used the following way: a: One third to maintain and upgrade existing projects - b: One third to constantly initiate new projects required by the community - c: Final third of money is distributed equally to everyone who contributes 3 hours weekly
  23. This means that everything will be available for free to all participants (contributionism) while everyone receives money from the projects
  24. Invite all industry to become part of the Community Projects - and benefit immensely from no labour cost, no electricity cost and an increasing supply of free components as the projects become integrated and start to supply each other for free
  25. Invite all inventors, healers, scientists, artists, food growers, etc, to our town to add their talents to our knowledge pool and transfer their skills to our community
  26. Business owners retain one third of profits, 2/3 go to the community
  27. Powerful generation of wealth with which to grow community projects - not to gain personal wealth
  28. No corporation can compete with us because we provide the labour for free ourselves - and an ever increasing percentage of raw materials and components
  29. Activate more projects and attract top talent in all areas - once the people feel the broad benefits on so many levels, UBUNTU Party will never get voted out
  30. Everything we do eventually becomes a part of the Community Projects activity - like horse riding, healthcare, building, wood craft, hiking, art, shoe-making, etc.
  31. This system creates a new education structure where people learn valuable skills for life while doing community projects
  32. This leads to restructuring the education system to teach our children and adults real skills for life that benefit the whole community - rather than getting a certificate with which we go looking for a job
  33. In a few years we have a well-trained and highly skilled community where everyone can do everything - and loving it
  34. Out of 168 hours per week, we only have to contribute 3 hours towards alocated projects - the rest of the 165 hours per week people can do what they love to do 
  35. People will naturally gravitate towards the things they love to do - engineering; horse breeding; musical theatre; healthcare, material science; etc 
  36. This means that we will contribute and create much more than three time what we need - it will create many time more because of the individual passions of the people 
  37. ONE SMALL TOWN is all we need - We will use this one small town as the first domino to fall and lead by example to all other small towns.
  38. Once we are in - it becomes unstoppable
  39. Converting our whole country into a united community of abundant diversity on all levels which leads to the demise of money and the enslavement of the people by the banking elite completely.