Tuesday, 3 April 2018


While we are in the final moments of launching the UBUNTU FESTIVAL South Africa, we should not neglect the ongoing UBUNTU activity around the world. All our national and local coordinators - messengers and meetup hosts. And especially Travis Duncan - one of the brightest lights in the UBUNTU family USA who worked tirelessly with me on the Conscious Music Festival in Kansas City. Travis, is running for Mayor of Austin, Texas. I expect every UBUNTU supporter to spread this video and message of support for Travis. His approach is youthful and fresh and focused and honest. If Travis gets into the hearts of the Austin youth, he has a very good chance of becoming the first big city UBUNTU Mayor. The capitol of the largest state in the USA. Let's give Travis Duncan all the support we can give. Spread this with everyone in Texas, and the USA. Strength and gratitude to you Travis - and to your beautiful talented wife, Holliraja for standing strong with you brother. 
With you in unity and resonance 
Michael Tellinger