Friday, 6 April 2018

24 World Class Workshops At UBUNTU FESTIVAL

12-15 April 2018 Nelspruit - South Africa.
24 mind-blowing workshops to expand your mind and connect to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness. Get your tickets on our website or at the GATE.
Robert Salas - Military & The UFO Phenomenon
Matthew Ryan - Spiritual Connection - Energetic Cleansing
Nianel Workshop - Connect
John Stuart Reid - Cymatics Bringing Sound to Life - Dolphin Language
Eileen Day McKusick - Tuning the Biofield Workshop
Michele Averard - Free your healing voice - Workshop
John Paul Fischbach - Journey into Shamanism
Mark Pinkham - Secret History of the Order of the Seven Rays Workshop
Nestor Kornblum - Introduction to Overtone Chanting
Michael Tellinger - UBUNTU Contributionism Workshop
Kantha Gareeb - Brain Plasticity/ Neuroplasticity
Natalia Rose - Restoring Your Life Force on All Levels
Tamara Wensing - The secret behind the law of attraction
Johanna Botzkowski - Exploring relationships - its core and aliveliness
Ken West - Life School - Discover your life lessons - Sacred Geometry
Amanda Gifford - Galactic Star Family Constellations
Luis Damas - Cosmos Chi Kung - Art of Healing
Willem Smuts - Cosmic Bliss Dance
Alegra Tricia Jenkins - Connecting Breath, Voice and Soul
Shima Dakini - Tantra - Song of the Sacred
Belinda West - You are Brilliant, and the Earth is Hiring
Lauren Amy Hofmeyer (LAH) - Cacao Ceremony (R350 per person)
Dean Liprini - Dowsing - Connecting to the song of the land
Kaylash Kokopelli - Sound Healing Journey