Friday, 23 February 2018

UBUNTU FESTIVAL - Change of Venue
 For reasons beyond our control, we had to move the UBUNTU FESTIVAL to a new venue.
The Mbombela Stadium Complex in Nelspruit (Mbombela) is famous for its unique architecture of giant giraffes holding up the walls of the oval. It is also home to the Mpumalanga show and very suitable to handle our event in the beautiful grounds around the stadium - while we utilise the hospitality facilities in the stadium itself. Book your tickets here:
Because Nelspruit is the gateway to the Kruger Park, there are dozens of hotels, lodges, bush camps and guest houses for visitors to choose from - all within a few minutes from the venue.
The size of the venue has also given our guests ease of access and we can accommodate larger numbers of people if we need to with ease.
So spread the news about UBUNTU FESTIVAL to those who hunger for knowledge and who are ready to co-create a new reality for all of us - free from economic hardship and enslavement.