Friday, 19 January 2018

UBUNTU FESTIVAL 12-15 April 2018

Badplaas Hot Spring Resort, South Africa.
We are calling all conscious musicians, artists, performers, healers, comedians, dancers, potters, weavers, yogis, and anyone who would like to share their talents and skills with others. Sign up on our website. 
We are uniting Arts, Music, Culture & Consciousness with the truth movements of the world. 
UBUNTU FEST is a celebration of the human spirit and the limitless expression of human creative talents. Sharing the skills, talents & knowledge of people from many countries, diverse cultures or backgrounds – to inspire each other to higher levels of unity consciousness – manifesting a beautiful world & future for all of us.
We have an inspiring line-up of 16 researchers like, Michael Cremo, Sam Osmanagich, Klaus Dona, John Stuart Reid, Jay Weidner, Linda Tucker (White Lions), Claire Janisch - Biomimicry, Hugh Newman and many more. There will be sound healing, yoga, Qi gong, sweat lodges, and a stream of awesome musical performances - by South African and international performers.

Join us at the UBUNTU FESTIVAL 12-15 April 2018 - at the fabulous hot springs resort in Badplaas - South Africa and share this with everyone you know. The UBUNTU FEST belongs to all those who participate. So sign up to participate or simply get your ticket on our website: