Friday, 29 December 2017

UBUNTU Withdraws From Politics

NOTICE:  29 Dec 2017
The UBUNTU Movement has withdrawn from all political activity. 

After 6 years of participation in the political process with the belief that we could inject a seed of consciousness into the political beast, we realised that our presence simply creates more opposition and division. We also learned many things about politics and how it is controlled by the global elite. This was a journey of gaining great knowledge and experience that brought us to the ONE SMALL TOWN - Can Change The World - strategy. 
We are now focusing our efforts on the mayors of small towns that want to do good for their community.  We are now able to approach any mayor, irrespective of what political party they belong to, without creating any conflict. We will however encourage UBUNTU members who are inspired to run for mayor of their town, if they feel that it may be a way of getting an UBUNTU mayor elected. This is not seen as participating in a political campaign on a national or regional level. It could be a clever way to get people from the community on our side, before we even implement the OST plan. 

Please see our ONE SMALL TOWN video and plan of action here:
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger