Tuesday, 14 November 2017


The excitement after the launch of the first One Small Town in Canada has spilled over to the UK, where at least one Mayor now wants to talk to UBUNTU about implementing our simple strategy. The UK UBUNTU representatives have already held several talks and meetings with a mayor in office who reached out to them, and I will be holding our first meeting with a UK mayor within days, to work out a plan of action to introduce the OST strategy to the community. The UBUNTU USA representatives are also meeting with a Mayor in Texas within days. More news will follow. It seems that the domino effect may start sooner than expected.

Read about the historic breakthrough in North Frontenac, Canada here:    http://www.frontenacnews.ca/north-frontenac-news/item/11957-north-frontenac-council-backs-one-small-town-concept-but-commits-no-funds
Keep in mind that the council here, or anywhere, is not required to commit any funds. So don't let the tone of the headline cause any doubt about the plan. All the funding for the implementation comes from keen investors who identify the unique investment opportunity of the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy. There has never been a more lucrative investment opportunity, in the current capitalist system, for conscious millionaires, than the OST initiative.

Using the tools of enslavement, as tools of liberation:
This is a clear example how after 12 years of opposing the money system in many ways, we as the UBUNTU members, have also evolved to realise that we cannot oppose anything, or resist, or fight that which enslaves us. Because what we RESIST, will PERSIST.
We are now using all the tools of enslavement as tools of liberation. This includes money, politics, corporate structure, legal system and many other invisible layers of slavery that have been imposed on us over millennia. As we use these tools for our benefit and lay the foundation for a new social structure and a new world of abundance, these tools will very quickly consume themselves without any need for violence, opposition, resistance, or conflict.
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger