Friday, 10 November 2017

A.I. Takeover vs UBUNTU Solutions

A TERRIBLE truth to digest - and a solution that stares us in the face. 

Now or Never for UBUNTU to grow rapidly. Please watch the attached video to truly grasp the serious nature of this message. 

The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Singularity happens next week from 13 November 2017 - The first Robot, Sophia, was just awarded citizenship by Saudi Arabia and is becoming a registered worker that can be taxed. See interview with Sophia from 8 Nov 2017 here:
Most people are too busy eating McDonalds or watching mind-numbing TV series, or slaving away for their corporations to even become aware of this threat to all of liberties as human beings. This is probably the most frightening event in human history and the history of our precious world. In essence - artificial intelligence machines, computers, and human-like robots will start making their move to take over the world with all kind of strange activity which includes crypto-currencies - while we all scramble to buy into it and support it. Without realising that physical money may be removed swiftly by the A.I. and humans become complete slaves, to rogue governments controlled by artificial intelligence - planning every step in ways that we as human could never compete with. Once cash is removed from our world we will lose any form of financial control - with no access to any form of currency. 

The only action to stop this takeover of our liberties, our sovereignty, human dignity and our world, is the simple concept of UBUNTU and Contributionism. ONE SMALL TOWN - CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Communities working together without the need of money or BLOCK-CHAIN A.I.  
Bitcoins do nothing - people do everything. We create abundance and prosperity collectively - free from the current system that has now obviously been hijacked by who knows what A.I. level of infestation. Most military instruction have most likely already been crafated and instructed by an A.I. It may be that our governments are not even aware of it. Thinking that they are receiving orders from the regular invisible El-ites in hiding. 
This is a call to all sober and awake UBUNTU supporters around the world - please do not just sit on the fence or stay silent any longer. Talk to everyone you know and you meet - about UBUNTU and our simple plan of ONE SMALL TOWN. Let us find the conscious Mayors and start with them. We have our first town in Canada just getting off the ground - and a very keen Mayor in the UK about to talk to us; one South African Mayor is awaiting my final proposal ASAP, and another is being groomed in the Western Cape.
Our main strategy and plan of action for the UBUNTU Movement has now become very clear and very simple. While we support and encourage all the amazing people and UBUNTU supporters who have started thousands of small projects and taken UBUNTU into their hearts, and we wish them all the success so that it will inspire others, we cannot however support thousands of projects all over the world from our small office and very little funds. 
We have to promote our main global strategies that will help all the other smaller projects become more successful when we succeed with these. So we will be structuring our national coordinators and core UBUNTU management teams to drive and support or THREE main strategies.
  • ONE SMALL FARM/PROJECT  (based on our simple plan of three thirds - land owner / funder / participating people - growing or creating more than they can consume.)
  • ONE SMALL GATHERING ( regular local meetups and sharing of information, reading materials, videos and inspiration)
Once we get our focus behind these activities and appoint regional coordinators and activators to manage these activities, the UBUNTU Movement and our message will reach millions of people and mayors and start to create successes all over - growing food abundance and other areas of needs. 
I will send out more detailed information and launch video about this ASAP as we end an amazing 2017, that surprised even the greatest skeptics. So go out and talk to strangers and friends - do not be afraid of your knowledge and information - give them the good news. ONE SMALL TOWN - WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. join the UBUNTU Movement here:
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger