Wednesday, 4 October 2017

UBUNTU Conscious Music - Time To Get Involved

If you are a supporter of the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy and plan of action to co-create a new world - and if you live in North America, this is a time to act and do something. Get a ticket to the first UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival in Kansas City 3 & 4 December 2017 - Let us make this an unforgettable event and seed the UBUNTU consciousness into the fabric of creation with our music and song.
This is an opportunity for all UBUNTU supporters in the USA to come together in one place and amplify our intention and share our knowledge with others who are new to the simple UBUNTU plan of action. Please share this with everyone.
Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival - 2 days - 24 Artists - Shifting Consciousness.
Manifesting a new world of prosperity & abundance for all
Let every song, every word, and every note, liberate humanity from financial and corporate slavery
Honoring human sovereignty and the rights of indigenous and native people everywhere
Igniting a new kind of thinking – birthing new solutions for a world in desperate need of healing

Michael Tellinger