Thursday, 14 September 2017

First South African Mayor Embraces One Small Town

I had a very positive and energetic meeting with the first Mayor of a medium size South African municipality on the 5th of September 2017, after several meetings with South African mayors have been cancelled and postponed.
The mayor was very impressed with the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy and immediately saw the benefits for his community. We had a long discussion about the failing corrupt banking system and the stranglehold that the electricity company ESKOM has on the people and the Mayor could clearly see the simplicity of our strategy as we discussed a plan to move forward.
I was asked to compile a detailed plan of action, with a business plan that shows the many proposed community projects, based on the industrial potential of this municipality, the people skills and natural resources.

This plan will include the investment opportunities for conscious millionaires and the installation of our own electricity supply. I expect to have this ready by the end of October 2017 as a first draft. The Mayor will then present this to the council for approval and upon acceptance, the rapid implementation. I need the support of an experienced financial planner in South Africa to help me put this presentation together. If you have this kind of experience, please email me at and make the subject heading ONE SMALL TOWN SOUTH AFRICA.

I will keep the name of the mayor and municipality confidential until the council has approved the plan, just in case there are any infiltrators trying to undermine our efforts at this early stage. As soon as the council has approved the plan we I will share all the details.
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In resonance and unity
Michael Tellinger.