Thursday, 3 August 2017


Support the preservation of the stone circles and precious artefacts - Advanced tools & technology from over 200,000 years ago

For 10 years I have been collecting precious tools and artefacts among the stone circle ruins in southern Africa and I remain the only person who actively studies the ruins. These artefacts date back over 200,000 years and have been proudly displayed in a humble converted double garage - to the joy and appreciation of thousands of people. These include the stones that ring like bells; Klerksdorp spheres or wonder stones; the mysterious cone shaped tools; the bird stones connected to the Zimbabwe birds, and several Sacred Stones, or the doughnut shaped "torus" stones - which have been identified as powerful energy generating devices.

The time has come for me to build a quality world-class museum to hold these precious items and give the visitors an unforgettable experience. I will also create an ONLINE museum visit experience once this new museum is complete.

If you resonate with the research and effort that has gone into this work, please make a contribution to the construction of the NEW STONE CIRCLE MUSEUM on the link below AND share this with everyone who would like to play role in preserving some of the most mysterious ancient tools from a vanished civilisation.
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger