Monday, 26 June 2017

UBUNTU Spreads Its Message To Smithers Canada

One of the highlights of the UBUNTU tour of the USA and CANADA 2017, was our trip to Smithers, BC in CANADA - about 2 hour flight north of Vancouver. It was organised by the truly amazing and energetic Alethia Perry. She organised the entire event at the local school hall - got around 250 to attend - which included 4 councillors; the mayor of the neighbouring town, and the head of the Credit Union Bank. Although our ONE SMALL TOWN plan was a radically new idea to most, the event was a great success and a follow up meeting has already bee arranged. Thank you Alethia and your amazing, beautiful family and friends for making this possible and bringing some light and real hope into the hearts of the people in Smithers. Thank you for your kind hospitality and accommodation - I look forward to Smithers becoming the second town in CANADA to take on this simple plan for abundance and prosperity for all its people. And thanks to Abigail, your sister who came a long way for the event as a professional photographer to capture some of the magic we created on her camera. Emma and I miss you already and look forward to seeing you soon. Here are some pics to remind us of this historic event. 

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In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

My partner Emma, our hostess Alethia Perry and me - Michael Tellinger on arrival at the tiny airport of Smithers BC

Michael, and hosts Alethia and her husband Trevor in their beautiful home where we we looked after like royalty.

Getting ready to start the UBUNTU workshop in Smithers BC Canada.

Alethia and Trevor Perry, Emma and Michael

Robert, Abigail ( who took the beautiful photos) Lisa, Emma and Michael

We were treated to an unexpected helicopter flight by Ryan Hinds the owner of the Silverking Helicopters charter business - got a spectacular view of the town, the glacier and more.

Pamphlets created by Alethia and distributed by her circle of friends.

People lining up for the event

Q & A with a lively debate - concerns and fears run deep in the hearts of the people. But it all dissolves quickly as they begin to embrace and visualise the simple plan and application of the ONE SMALL TOWN model.