Friday, 12 May 2017

Michael Tellinger Petitions SA Reserve Bank & Minister of Finance

Previously unreleased video:

Michael Tellinger deliverd a petition to the South African Reserve Bank and Minister of Finance at Parliament in Cape Town, regarding the fraudulent money system, the day after the annual budget speech in Feb 2014. Just some of the work that has been done by the UBUNTU Movement since 2005. Needles to say not a word was heard from either party - which was expected. But it was done to help wake up the people of the world that our countries and our governments have been taken over by the global banking families that control every aspect of our existence today. They will use every devious tool to keep it this way. They torture, kill, rape, abduct, create false flag events, invade countries, assassinate leaders, and other crimes unimaginable to sentient human beings. 
The UBUNTU Movement has simple plan to release us all from their economic slavery system - without any violence, opposition or conflict. Find out more about UBUNTU and our simple plan.
It can be achieved in a few years if not months if only a small group of us works together. 

In Unity & Resonance - Michael Tellinger