Saturday, 29 April 2017


Charlie Chaplin's famous speech from his movie The Great Dictator - Spelling out the fundamental philosophy of unity and resonance of the UBUNTU movement. Join the UBUNTU movement today - share the message of Contributionism - become a seed of consciousness in your area - tell the world that there is a simple way out of this economic slavery system that we are all trapped in - a simple plan that requires no resistance, opposition or violence - a plan that creates a new social structure for a new world of abundance and prosperity for all.  Join UBUNTU here:

Please see our ONE SMALL TOWN  - CAN CHANGE THE WORLD plan of action. 

If you know a mayor of a town that wants to make a real change - share the video with him/her and contact Michael Tellinger at to initiate the process of transformation.We are the makers of our own reality - let us create it now.
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger