Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sacred Sites of South Africa Tour

Exploring UBUNTU Origins

The fourth annual Sacred Sites Tour With Michael Tellinger and Dean Liprini is on the road with 27 amazing people from 12 different countries. I will be sharing images from our journey with those that could not make it. Finishing off at Adam's Calendar today - with a day of horse riding and Kruger museum visit. So far we have been blessed with torrential summer rains in the Kruger Park and a host of wild animal sightings. More to come as we journey to the stone circles, giant foot print, through the Karoo, Driekopseiland rock carvings, Bushman rock art, and on our way to Cape Town, the Ascension Cave and Table Mountain. To book a tour of the stone circles, museum, and Adam's Calendar - please contact Andrea Adelbert at
In unity & resonance.
Michael Tellinger