Friday, 31 March 2017


I will be on my 8th annual North American tour from 24 May - 17 June 2017, sharing new research and information about vanished ancient civilisations, advanced ancient technology - the power of sound, the nature of our reality, and how we can use all this knowledge for the benefit of humanity into the future.

• The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
• Origins of Humankind
• Adam’s Calendar and the Stone Circles
• Gold Mining Empire of The Anunnaki
• Advanced Technology of the Ancients
• Nature of Reality – Sound and Cymatics
• Sound as a Source of Energy – Free Energy
• The Rise of Consciousness Today
• Exposing The Banking & Corporate Fraud
• What do we do when the global economy collapses
• UBUNTU Contributionism – A world without money
• Convergence of Science, Spirituality and Consciousness

Bookings and details on this website
I look forward to seeing you there.

In Unity & Resonance - Michael Tellinger