Saturday, 24 December 2016

UBUNTU Brazil - Paradise Lost - Paradise Re-discovered

I am sending lots of love and resonance to Emilia Queiroga Barros , Luiz Freitas and everyone in the Brazil UBUNTU team, and the representatives from the mayor's office in the city of Salvador, on their second visit to meet the community leaders on Ilha de Maré.
Thank you for your continued energy to share our UBUNTU vision. AND especially to all the wonderful people I met on my recent visit to the islands who are now taking the first steps in creating a new reality for themselves. They are looking at real opportunities for the islands and placing strategies in place for the upliftment of the community with various projects.
I hope to see you soon again. Keep your vision of prosperity and abundance for your islands clearly centered in your hearts and lead by example to other communities like yours. 
Here are some pictures from my first visit to the islands of Ilha de Maré, the community leaders we met and the people who made it possible.
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger