Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Effects of Standing Rock

 Trigger point for a NEW Paradigm

Our message and efforts need to continue in many areas. While Standing Rock is taking centre stage in human rights violation - corporate crimes and more, there are many equally and even more horrific crimes against humanity going on all over the world. Silent invisible crimes and aggression that is not receiving the public attention as is Standing Rock. We need to get our message to the people that resistance, opposition and fighting is not the solution any more - that belongs in the old paradigm. UBUNTU is creating a NEW reality - a new alternative - a new social structure, which will render the oil giants, pharma monsters, Monsanto, government agencies and international banksters obsolete - because their system will no longer apply and rapidly fade from our memory. The way forward is very simple and achievable very quickly - but it requires people to stand united and cooperate - in creating their own new reality - not only unite in opposition to events like Standing Rock. The sooner we can reach a critical mass of people with the UBUNTU strategy - the sooner events like Standing Rock will be resolved. I truly hope that people will start to wake up to this reality. Please read our manifesto for ONE SMALL TOWN and tell everyone. It is possible that we will have our first one small town in the USA or Brazil, or Germany or Portugal or India - during 2017 - this will be the end of capitalism as we know it and bring freedom from financial slavery to everyone everywhere. This will create a domino effect - as the small towns begin to follow the forst example and our wave of freedom will become unstoppable. Stand with the people of Standing Rock - but let us not take our eyes of the greater plan - the liberation of all of humanity - everywhere.
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger​