Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Success in Brazil - UBUNTU Growth - Urgent Support Needed.

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The more we grow the more our expenses rise to keep doing our work. The recent expansion of UBUNTU management into 57 countries has been a dramatic growth phase and we really need more support from our members around the world to keep our office going. 
If only 10% of our members makes a small contribution every month we will have enough funding to manage the office successfully. The sales of the UBUNTU book is simply not enough income any more to keep paying all our operating costs. Please choose a small amount that you can pledge monthly to help us continue doing our work. Click the link:
My first visit to Brazil is turning out to be a very powerful energetic journey. We have securely planted very deep roots with some key activators and some powerful Native Brazilians and Shamans who fully resonate with the UBUNTU spirit and the plan for creating Contributionist communities on some tribal lands in the Amazon. I look forward to sharing more as it unfolds. 
Tomorrow we meat with at least one mayor who has already embraced the One Small Town plan of action, and a team of senior decision makers in the city of Salvador - which is the largest African descendant community in Brazil. 
It is very clear to me that Brazil pulsates with the UBUNTU spirit on every level.
In unity & resonance

My hosts in Brazil - Emilia (to my left) Denise and her husband Luis with their two sons Gabriel and Pedro. I have no words to express how grateful I am to them and all they have set up for us on this 12 day tour.