Friday, 2 December 2016

Become an UBUNTU Book Distributor in The USA?

Book distribution is always a problem no matter where you are in the world. I get emails from people every day who want to order UBUNTU books because they want to help spread the message. Some people want to sell them and others just want to hand them out to help spread the message. So, it seems that we found a solution right in our own UBUNTU family.

We are setting up a distribution network consisting of UBUNTU members and supporters in the USA - other countries will follow shortly. If you want to help distribute the UBUNTU book in the USA and earn some money on the side for yourself, please sign up now to start immediately. Click HERE

This is how it will work.
Anyone who resonates with the UBUNTU philosophy can become a book distributor. All you have to do is order a minimum of 5 books at a time to receive the distributor discount. To become a distributor of the UBUNTU Contributionism book in the USA - please fill in the form below. A book in the hand is the best way to spread the message.

You will receive the books at the cost price of  $12.50 + shipping costs. Your selling price is $25.

You can start right away - so join the team now and start spreading the UBUNTU message n your area. You can choose to sell them OR give them away, as some people choose to do. Final details will be arranged by Rebecca Gretz
Keep in mind the the income from the UBUNTU book still remains the largest funding channel for the whole movement and all our monthly office expenses. This will help us immensely to keep going.

To become an UBUNTU book distributor in the USA please fill in this form - click HERE
Contact for Rebecca is

In unity and resonance.
Michael Tellinger