Sunday, 20 November 2016

UBUNTU Stands With Standing Rock

A Catalyst For Global Awakening And Transformation.

 Imagine a perfect world full of harmony and abundance. 
The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives. 
This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves
 Not somewhere in the distant future, but in our own lifetime. 

The Standing Rock pipeline stand-off has become a focal point for the unhappiness of millions of people not only in North America but around the world. It is a catalyst that has united people from diverse backgrounds and cultures who have reached a saturation point regarding the brutal behaviour of governments and their law enforcement agencies against their own people.
We are reaching a moment of critical mass of consciousness - it is tangible everywhere. Suddenly out of the blue, everything will shift and change, when we least expect it. This is the flow of energy through our lives, our world, our system and the nature of reality. It is the energy of manifestation of millions who imagine a beautiful new world, free from violence and conflict. A world filled with unity, love and abundance.
The UBUNTU Movement stands fully in support, not only with the people of Standing Rock - but with every community everywhere, that has been abused by its governments and forgotten by the rest of the world. The UBUNTU philosophy and our ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action provides a simple way out this mess for every community everywhere.
But it will require us to do something that seems impossible under the normal day-to-day conditions of our stress-filled lives. And that is, to unite and stand together in our own communities, the way that we stand united with the people of Standing Rock.
I urge people everywhere to observe and learn from these activities at Standing Rock. Then look at your own life and your own community and recognise the silent invisible abuse being committed against everyone - In every village, town, city and country. Slowly but surely eroding our liberties and our ability to provide for ourselves, removing our rights one by one until we become absolute slaves to the economic system imposed on us.
Then take these lessons from Standing Rock and unite the people against this silent abuse in your own town - look at the SIMPLE plan of action provided by UBUNTU, read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto and lay the foundation for a new system that will rapidly turn your community into a place of abundance and prosperity for everyone. A new way of life beyond our current levels of perception and a community in which any form of abuse can no longer occur.
As soon as we unite in this fashion we will become the makers of our own reality. And very soon we will birth a community where we can create, build, grow, invent and implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress have been removed from our society.
It all begins with ONE SMALL TOWN that will become the first domino to fall and create an avalanche of small towns to follow. So which will be the first small town to bring the new age of abundance and prosperity?  

Please read the ONE SMALL TOWN manifesto below or click here:

In resonance & unity
Michael Tellinger