Friday, 18 November 2016

Calling All Musicians, Film Makers, Editors and Dreamers


Below are some words to introduce and inspire people to embrace the "ONE SMALL TOWN Can Change The World" plan of action. Please use these words - record them, make a video and create beautiful inspiring images with the right kind of music that suits your particular style. The intention is to see this blossom into a variety of different musical styles reaching the youth in all the forgotten places of the world - where the youth has been ignored and abandoned. Let us give the youth everywhere real hope and clear vision that there is a way out of this mess - that we can create a beautiful world - that there is a plan of action to actually achieve it for themselves. Let us remind the youth that this is their world and their future and that it is up to the young people to create their own reality and manifest the beautiful world they would like to live in.   In unity Michael Tellinger


Manifesting our reality with words and music

Are you happy with the way the world is going?
Do you think we need a new plan?
Are you happy working like a slave just to make ends meet?
OR do you believe there is a better way?

A new social structure?
In which we work together, instead of fighting each other?
To free us from the economic slavery imposed on every single one of us today?
Well…You are not alone.
There are billions like you – who know there must be a better way

There is hope.
There is a plan
For something completely new – that has never been done before
We are creating a new alternative, a new reality, a new social structure.
Without the need for any violence, resistance, opposition or conflict.

Every day millions of people wake up to realise that we have become 
enslaved by the monetary system imposed on us.
When we are born, we enter this world free of any agreements, contracts or obligations.
But in time we realise that there are endless rules and regulations imposed on us
Laws and rules that we did not agree to.

We can’t travel freely – we need passports and ID documents
And we have to work to earn this thing called money
And pay taxes to those we elect as our servants
This is not freedom – This is pure slavery.

From the first breath we take – to the last breath we breathe out
There is always some invisible authority keeping us under control
Telling us what we can and cannot do
This is not the life we imagined for ourselves 

This is not the kind of world we belong in
All of us know that there must be a better way
Every one of us wants to be free
But very few of us know what to do… and where to turn…

Welcome to the world of UBUNTU where we are laying the 
foundations for a new social structure.

More often than not, the solutions are right in front of our eyes.
And the simplest solutions are always the most effective

Our plan is so simple, we cannot screw it up.
We are turning our crazy world around.
Creating a world of abundance and prosperity
Severnity and absolute freedom that very few of us can imagine 
in the money matrix we are trapped in today.

By turning competition into collaboration and conflict into cooperation
Starting with our small towns and villages
Where people still live close to the land and to nature

Creating united communities of abundance, where people live in love and support of each other
Rather than divided in fear of each other.
Where everyone’s talents and skills are used to enhance their lives
and benefit the whole community.

A world where everything we imagine is possible, 
because we are doing it for ourselves and for each other.
A world where we can create, build, grow, invent and 
implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress 
have been removed from our society.

A world in which every child that is born can grow to their full potential, not confined by the restrictions imposed on us today.
A world where the tools of control that restrict our lives have been removed.

A world where there are no hurdles to progress
A new social structure
A world in which the need for money will rapidly fade away.

Welcome to the world of UBUNTU and Contributionism 
where everything we ever imagined is possible.

And it all begins with
That will change the world

So – which small town will it be that starts the domino effect?
Why not yours!

Read our manifesto & tell everyone