Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Online Workshop With Michael Tellinger

29 Oct 2016 at 9 - 11am - Pacific Standard Time USA

Join me for an ONLINE WORKSHOP on 29 October from 9-11 am PST USA time. Click on the link below to register.

We will get into the exciting area of so-called FREE Energy - Breakthrough technology and advanced ancient civilisations that left behind scientific evidence of their own very advanced silicon-based technology. The torus stones; Klerksdorp Wonder Spheres; cone shaped tools and much more gripping information that keeps stretching our open minds. I will also touch upon the controversial subject of the Flat Earth, my personal experience with this, and things that we should look out for on that subject. In my experience of the past 12 months, this has become the Elephant in the room that no-one is comfortable talking about - but it has to be addressed in our quest for truth, higher knowledge and exposing the lies that enslave us. Hope to see you there on the 29th.
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger