Thursday, 20 October 2016

Balance of Power & Control

As more and more police and military veterans and other security forces stand up against the tyranny of our governments to expose the truth - the control and power will slip from their fingers and their commands to shoot at their own kin will fall on deaf ears. I do believe that this will be the true shift in the balance of power from the elite back to the people - when the many "forces" that are supposed to protect the people, will realise how they have been used as tools of enslavement against their own mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters and they will turn on their employers - as they side with people and refuse to obey their orders to shoot.
We the people are the 99.99% - keep reminding yourselves of this and remind everyone around you. We are creating a new reality and a new way forward with the UBUNTU Movement - without the need for opposition, violence, conflict or resistance. As we create our new system and a paradise on Earth, the old system will simply fade away and very quickly it will be a distant memory - when people realise how easy it is to create abundance and prosperity through cooperation and collaboration. 
Join the UBUNTU Movement today and become a seed of consciousness in your area. 
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger