Monday, 31 October 2016

ABSA Bank Gets Knock-out Blow In Cape Town High Court

The cracks in the banking empire are emerging in the most unexpected ways.

ABSA BANK (Barclays Bank in South Africa) gets a knock-out blow by my old advertising-days buddy Greg Smith, in Cape Town High Court. This is an historic judgement that may be a critical tipping point to stop the tyranny of the banks against the people. 

Greg Smith achieved something astounding by setting a new legal precedent in the South African courts by arguing that, since the bank was not in possession of the original signed contract, their summons action could not be heard in court without the original contract present.
It seems that the Judge was more lenient towards the Layperson on this occasion than when I was in court, and threw the application for summary judgement out and ruled against the bank. 

This can create a landslide in new cases and old judgements being appealed - like in my case - where the judge completely ignored that the original contract was nowhere to be found and yet I lost my house in a fraudulent, pre-written judgement that stunned a full court room. I trust that the lawyers of the thousands of people in court against the banks will use this as a legal precedent - and let the fun begin.

I will certainly look into the feasibility of appealing my judgement on the basis of this new precedent.

Please read the article below and enjoy.
In Unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger

This is what Greg Smith has to say after the court action:

Hi my dear friends and valued connections,
Please check out and SHARE this LINK with EVERYONE who cares for the LITTLE GUY vs. THE BANKS!:
Ciaran Ryan’s article is a must read – He’s ‘ROCKSTAR’ journalist and activist. I thank him profusely AND I also wish to thank all the great guys out there who work so hard - and long - to ‘beat the banks’:
Advocate Douglas Shaw, Scott Cundill and the New Economic Rights Alliance, Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Party, Adam and the guys at Virtual Velocity:
As Douglas Shaw recently urged: ‘We all need to work together’.
Welcome to the revolution… Coming soon to a bank near you!