Friday, 30 September 2016

NBC Channel 5 Vermont Features UBUNTU Workshop

Ubuntu founder to appear at workshop in Bolton - Searching for one small town, for U.S. utopia

Updated: 3:08 PM EDT Sep 30, 2016
Michael Tellinger is making his third trip to Vermont in the last decade to present what he called "the plan of action" to interested residents. It's a plan he hopes will take hold, somewhere in the U.S., before much longer. "We need one small town," he said this week. "One that's not too small, not too big."
That one town, he said, could become a global model for his idea of utopia, a community where residents and businesses all work together, rather than in competition with one another. In Tellinger's view, banks and money are the root of most evil.
"I was invited by the people of this town who believe there was a cohesive feeling in this community, so the people could start working together as a united group of people, who could start creating everything imaginable that can be done here," Tellinger told NBC 5.
"From the (Bolton Valley) ski resort that could become a huge global attraction, bring more and more people here, creating more business opportunities, but turning those into community driven projects, so that everyone benefits from it."

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Michael Tellinger - At the Lotus Lodge Inn - Bolton Valley VT USA. Venue for the UBUNTU Workshop