Monday, 12 September 2016

Largest Strike in Human History

150 Million Indians go on Strike

Humanity is rising up in unimaginable numbers against the economic exploitation of people everywhere. The banksters' game is up - it's just a matter of time for the critical mass to spill over in favour of human beings. As long as we have a plan of action to take us out of the mass mind-numbing hypnotic state of slave mentality, we will create a world of abundance and prosperity for all in no time. Read the UBUNTU Contributionism book and learn about the UBUNTU plan of action on our website and share it, if it resonates with you. All it takes is collaboration and cooperation. But this remains one of the most difficult things to achieve - to get people to work together for the benefit of all. Most of us have been so traumatized by the capitalist corporate abuse, that we struggle with this simple concept. And somehow the money slavery system keeps pulling us back in its grind - to survive another day. It is evident how the money slavery system was created to destroy anything that tries to overcome it. Join the UBUNTU movement here: - and become a seed of Consciousness in your area. 
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger