Monday, 29 August 2016

UBUNTU Activities and Plan of Action For September 2016

While I am getting ready for my visit to the USA and several workshops and presentation in the NY and Vermont areas in September - I am finalising the launch of UBUNTU Farm South Africa and initiating talks with 4 tribal leaders regarding the following:
  1. The allocation of a large piece of land for the placement of rehabilitated animals adjacent to the Kruger Park.
  2. Large piece of land for growing food and dairy near the Mozambique border.
  3. Securing a wood supply from forestry on tribal lands for our wood saw mill - this will supply our planned carpentry workshop in Soweto where we are initiating a furniture design studio and factory with one of SA's leading designers.
  4. Supporting a Chief in reclaiming stolen lands that hold a fully developed deserted town, golf course, and game reserve that already holds the BIG Five animals. This will be probably become one of the most exciting UBUNTU community projects as it evolves and will involve hundreds of people with many diverse skills.

BUT this all requires unwavering commitment and energy. Please support us and subscribe to a small monthly donation to keep the UBUNTU office alive and functioning so that we can get on with these activities. More on the events in USA from 14 Sept - 3 Oct soon.

In unity and resonance

Michael Tellinger