Friday, 5 August 2016

SA Election Results 5 August 2016 - Michael Tellinger Reports

Seeds of consciousness have been planted into the political beast

Please watch the video for more personal details and input from me.

As optimistic as we were a few weeks before the elections, the results were not what we had hoped for.
The UBUNTU Party received a total of 2464 votes in the 13 municipalities we contested. As disappointed as we all were with these results we have to recognise what we achieved.

This means we received an average 190 votes per municipality. If we extrapolate this to all 278 municipalities, we would get 52,820 votes. This is a 10x increase in the number of votes we received in the 2014 National Elections - where we got around 5,400 votes. This is a spectacular increase in our performance. Although we did not get seats on any council, we created a huge awareness and support network amongst thousands of people around South Africa - across all sectors of our population. A support much larger than the votes reflect.

It is truly fascinating to observe the strange "election disease" that has infected most South African voters - especially the impoverished and neglected people, who should be absolutely furious with the ruling regime. But these are the people that seem  to keep the criminal political elements in control of our country. Not because these people are stupid or happy with their lives - but because they have been bullied, exploited, intimidated and threatened by the regime that if they do not vote for them, they would lose their homes, jobs and pensions. As strange as this may seem to most well informed people around the world, this is the harsh reality we face in South Africa's political arena.

In Waterval Boven and Machadodorp, we had signed up well over 2,000 members to UBUNTU Party at least one month before the elections. If these people simply voted for us, we would have won the majority in both towns. Everywhere we go people wave at us and shout "UBUNTU". Our message and awareness has reached almost everyone in our communities... AND YET... when the people walk into the voting booth, they are overcome by last minute jitters and fears that make them vote for the same regime that has destroyed their lives.

But we leave the politics behind - take with us a huge amount of experience and new knowledge of the system and we go back to the UBUNTU basics - uniting people and uplifting our communities with a host of new community projects. Our new national network of UBUNTU supporters have already started putting together a list of projects that are specific to each community.  

The current project list is as follows: recycling; bakery; seedlings; fisheries; providing water to dry villages; electricity; shoe making; African fashion designs; furniture design; wood saw mill; soup kitchens; food growing; basket weaving and other arts and crafts - also training in these skills; Khoisan art classes; tourism; indigenous village living experience - Khoisan and other SA cultures; traditional African cooking courses - African bread baking and many more diverse projects. We will be initiating a well managed volunteer programme for these launches and creating links between UBUNTU youth groups in SA and other countries. More to follow.

This will be the exciting new activation for UBUNTU South Africa, while I help to activate the new UBUNTU core management  groups in many other countries like Canada, UK, Ireland, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany, and several others.
I will be sharing much more detailed information about this new exciting phase of UBUNTU expansion very soon. In the meantime UBUNTU USA is getting ready and finalising our strategy for the elections in the USA in November - much more to come about this too.
So - let us take a deep breath and digest what we have achieved - recognise our progress and unstoppable growth, and transition into the new era in which unity and consciousness will expand exponentially for the benefit of all of humanity.

I thank everyone who supported us spiritually, emotionally and financially - your essence is encoded in our success and we could not have done this without your support. Please spread our message and keep supporting the UBUNTU office so that we can continue functioning and launching these project. Sign up for a small monthly contribution HERE:

Till later...
In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger