Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Election Day South Africa - 3 August 2016

UBUNTU - Making Political and Spiritual History - Injecting the seed of consciousness into the political beast !

The voting stations opened at 7 am this morning across South Africa. My team and I were up at 5.30 am to start preparing the stands at the voting stations in Waterval Boven, which include 3 Soup Stations for the cold and the hungry. To our surprise, the UBUNTU Party presence is bigger and brighter than any other party.

We started out in the dark at a mid-winter cold temperature of -1 deg Celsius. But by 9am we were already in our t-shirts.  After many months of preparation, campaigning, travelling and stress... the day is finally here. By tomorrow we will know how we stand and if we penetrated the veil of corporate control to inject the seed of consciousness into the political beast. Even one seat on any municipality council will be a great historic victory for us. I will not make any more predictions at this stage but wait for the results in the early hours of the morning from every voting station in our area.

This has been a huge task and most people cannot imagine the magnitude of organising and coordinating that it took to get this far and to be able to simply participate at this level against the giants with unlimited budgets and organisational support. I am astounded how far we have come as a tiny fledgeling party with almost no infrastructure, no internet and very little financial muscle compared to the ruling El-ite parties.

I need to thank all the people who have joined us over the past months and especially today - those who are out  in the spirit of UBUNTU today, at the hundreds of voting stations to make sure that our supporters see us as a strong united team at every voting station.
I also need to thank  everyone that supported us spiritually and financially to make it this far. This would not have been possible without your support - so you are an integral part of this historic day - whether we get any seats or not in the municipal councils. The energetic and spiritual foundation and intent has been set and it can never be erased.
Please keep supporting us financially for the next weeks with whatever donation you can make - we have some major campaign costs to cover over the next two weeks. Make a donation on our DONATE page here:
In unity and resonance - Michael Tellinger

Below are some picture from this morning's set up at the 4 voting stations in Waterval Boven.
-1 deg Celsius at 5.30 this morning - ready to set up our voting station tables and Soup Stations

Michael Tellinger ready to cast his vote shortly after 7 am on 3 August 2016. Just after setting up the UBUNTU Party table at the first voting station in Waterval Boven. Temperature 0 deg Celsius.