Saturday, 13 August 2016

A New Wave of UBUNTU Community Projects Planned For 2016 & 2017

One of the most striking outcomes of the 2016 election is the huge ground support that was created amongst the people around South Africa. This support is many times stronger and larger than the results at the poles. All of the team leaders and candidates in these areas are now ready and keen to initiate a string of community projects that are suitable for each area. I have already identified a few key people that will take on coordination positions to help me manage these activities - but more need to be identified and appointed.

We have initiated a search for people with special skills in 12 municipalities and over 50 towns to identify the initial projects for those areas. The excitement is indescribable amongst the people and they all look to us with hope and anticipation to continue helping their communities. Providing water will be one of the first in several villages. Some of these will be in tribal lands where the tribal Chiefs have been completely abused and marginalised by the government and some have been conned into giving or trading their tribal land to the government for houses and fancy cars.

Toasting to a successful launch of several projects in the tribal lands near Swaziland. With Enoch - the Headman on right and Mkuthuzi Mkhondo in blue shirt - one of the respected elders in this tribal community.
We will be launching each project as a separate funding channel which will allow people to fund every individual project that resonates with their spirit. BUT we will also require ongoing funding for the UBUNTU office to continue operating and managing these activities. So please support us on this central office level and take out a monthly subscription donation HERE: or go to the DONATE page. Below is a list of projects that have been identified and discussed with the team leaders around South Africa to this date.

A list of our planned UBUNTU Community Development projects for 2016 & 2017
Recycling; bakery; seedlings; fisheries; providing water to dry villages; electricity; shoe making; African fashion designs; furniture design; wood saw mill; soup kitchens; orphan care; elderly and special needs care; food growing; growing endangered medicinal herbs and healing plants; basket weaving and other arts and crafts - also training in these skills; Khoisan art classes; tourism; indigenous village living experience - Khoisan and other SA cultures; traditional African cooking courses - African bread baking; launching and training UBUNTU Youth Groups all over South Africa to spread the message and inspire the older generation which has become complacent; and many more diverse projects. We will be initiating a well managed volunteer programme for these projects and creating links between UBUNTU youth groups in SA and other countries. More to follow.
In unity & resonance - Michael Tellinger