Sunday, 17 July 2016

Launch of UBUNTU Mobile 5 GHZ Cellular Network

Finally We Get Something Back For Using Our Cell Phones

While we are trapped in the money matrix of being exploited by the large corporations, we need to find ways to generate as much funding as we can so that we can dissolve the matrix and create the systems in which we no longer need money.

Everyone uses cell phones and we all make the cellular providers extremely rich and powerful. Our airwaves have been stolen by these companies that claim them for themselves. We, the users never benefit from these activities.
UBUNTU MOBILE was set up to benefit all our members and the head office with an ongoing income stream from simply using your cell phones and keeping it in the UBUNTU family. Please see our new website and the information available and then sign up and spread the message.


  1. Unlimited national and international calls
  2. Unlimited SMS national and international
  3. Unlimited internet access
  4. 5 GHZ spectrum which is at least 4 times faster than any other existing provider. 
  5. Low fixed monthly fee for more benefits than we currently get from any other provider.

 Join us today and benefit from our collective efforts with UBUNTU MOBILE and the UBUNTU family around the world.

In Unity and Resonance
Michael Tellinger