Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Delivery of UBUNTU Large Banners To Rural Areas

There was great excitement on the weekend when I delivered the LARGE UBUNTU banners and T-shirts to the candidates in the outlying rural areas of one of the 13 municipalities we are contesting. The young representatives are very excited and filled with absolute confidence that UBUNTU will win the majority in their area because of the response and feedback they get when they share the UBUNTU message. I will be delivering the rest of the banners by the end of this week to the other municipalities - but I still need to pay for the printing.
Please continue supporting us financially to make this happen - I am operating on pure trust that funding will continue to trickle in and make all this possible and deliver a victory for UBUNTU in one of the municipalities.
Make  a donation HEREhttp://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/p/donate.html

Rolling up the precious new banners

Boykie - is the local UBUNTU team leader in the area - very excited and positive about a their success

Just a small sample of the large number of excited youth - receiving their t-shirts so that they can join the campaign

Boykie shows Michael Tellinger his long list of names of people who have already signed up for the UBUNTU Party

Michael Tellinger hands out flyers and banners below

UBUNTU youth movement in the rural areas - growing rapidly and unstoppably at this point

Mr. Mkhutuzi Mkhondo is the senior candidate of the UBUNTU Party in the Albert Luthuli municipality. He carries 75 years of respect among the members of the community