Thursday, 5 May 2016

UBUNTU USA Gets New National Coordinator

Starr MacKinnon has been appointed as the new UBUNTU USA National Coordinator

Her firs task is to to create a cohesive core team of skilled and able individuals that will grow UBUNTU USA and keep it united in our simple philosophy of abundance and prosperity, and implementing the plan of action we have identified for all countries alike - differing only in the implementation based on cultural differences. If you would like to join the USA team and if you have skills and time available to contribute please contact Starr MacKinnon at:

Starr MacKinnon - UBUNTU USA National Coordinator

The most urgent skills and expertise required are: 
  1. Legal advisor to help register the UBUNTU Planet USA non-profit company.
  2. Legal advise and help with registering the Write-in Candidates and other legal advice in the area of politics
  3. USA UBUNTU webmaster - to work with our main site and content webmaster, Uros Pocajt.
If you can help in any of these areas please contact Starr MacKinnon at:
We are working on the first UBUNTU USA Conference and a music festival late in 2016.
In Unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger