Tuesday, 24 May 2016

UBUNTU Campaign Reaches Saldanha Bay

UBUNTU Saldanha Bay - Launches a strong united and determined team. Thanks to Roger Lambert and the amazing team of people who came to the UBUNTU meeting on Saturday 21st May 2016 - every one of them signed up to join the campaign team with Roger Lambert as the Mayoral Candidate for the Saldanha Bay Municipality. One of the members crossed over from the ANC as soon as he heard the UBUNTU message and plan of action. I expect this great support to grow rapidly for the UBUNTU team as they take the message of prosperity and abundance to the people.

Saldanha Bay Municipality UBUNTU team

Roger Lambert - the Mayoral candidate for UBUNTU Party in Saldanha Bay Municipality receives a copy of the UBUNTU book from Michael Tellinger

Francois Julius, the owner of Radio West Coast interviews Michael Tellinger on the subject of money, banks and the UBUNTU philosophy of creating abundance and prosperity

Francois Julius and Michael Tellinger outside Radio West Coast 92.3 FM

A passionate discussion about taking the UBUNTU message to the people of Saldanha Bay 
 Video Update From Saldanha Bay Beach