Monday, 9 May 2016

UBUNTU Activation in Soweto and Other Major Suburbs

I just completed an UBUNTU Party activation in several of the so-called townships - around the Johannesburg area - SOWETO, SHARPVILLE, SOBOKENG, KAGISO, and MAMELODI. It is now up to the local representatives to continue the campaign every day.

It was truly a transformational two days as people came out onto the streets and into the parks to listen and share in the UBUNTU message and they departed filled with inspiration and their  hearts filled with joy that there is a way out of the mess and a real plan of action to achieve this. We arrived at the Meadowlands Park in Soweto hoping to meet a few more UBUNTU candidates, instead we were surrounded by a growing group of people interested in what we were doing. It suddenly made my 11 year journey, often filled with insurmountable obstacles and personal challenges, worth every bit of effort it took to get to this weekend. 
Some of the group that gathered to listen to the UBUNTU message in Soweto. Thepo, the UBUNTU candidate is at the back on the right.

The elderly man next to me in SOWETO told me that he was moved close to tears listening to the message - and that he has been dreaming of such a day for all his life. He was visibly overcome by emotion and ready to share the UBUNTU message with everyone. I realised that IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME. By the time I had set up the flag and the banners the group had grown to about 20 people. 
It became evident very quickly that people on the street understand our message immediately, and are overcome by joy when they hear our plan of action. The same happened in Kagiso, where the excitement was so high among the new arrivals that they could hardly keep quiet.The repeating sentiment from everyone was "we are sick and tired of the ANC - we don't trust them any more."
Michael and Tshepo, the candidate in Meadowlands Soweto, show off the UBUNTU flag as they prepare to share the UBUNTU Party plan of action with the gathering crowd.

I continue the UBUNTU election campaign to many other parts of South Africa - especially the small towns that we are focusing on, to win just ONE SMALL TOWN on 3 August 2016. 
A group of young girls listened with great interest and even wanted a book to read.

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UBUNTU representatives in Kagiso - Tshepo Mosielele, the main cnadidate is in the middle

Kagiso street gathering

Michael delivers the UBUNTU message to the candidates and some passers-by in Kagiso - on a cold and windy day. Seems that winter has arrived.

Libarty, Macdonald and the rest of the UBUNTU team in Sharpville - at their arts & crafts centre for people with disabilities

Michael tells Libarty's UBUNTU team all about the plan for prosperity and abundance.

Michael & Libarty with a refreshing glass of apple juice

The team of people that run the self-funded arts centre

Handing out the UBUNTU pamphlets before the presentation

 The final meeting this weekend took place in Pretoria where the main candidate for Mamelodi, Mandla Mabaso and his friend Bruce met us to receive the plan of action and promotional materials. 
The giant Bruce, Mandla and Michael in Pretoria - delivering material for Mamelodi.