Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Support The UBUNTU Election Campign Around South Africa


I am about to embark on the UBUNTU campaign trip around South Africa that will cover almost all of our beautiful country and around 5000 kilometres - visiting the 7 smallest municipalities that we are targeting and several other in between, that want to represent UBUNTU Party in the elections on 3 August 2016. The map and rout I will drive is below - I will share the journey with you as we travel to Mier, Garies, Clanwilliam, Laingsburg, Prince Albert, Jansenville, Underberg, Ladysmith, Steynsdorp, and Badplaas.
In the meantime our home teams are making great progress with the campaign in Waterval Boven where we gathered 270 signatures of support on the first day of door-to-door calling. The majority vote in our town is around 1800 votes - so we are certainly on track to make waves of change.

I will need all the support I can get from all our UBUNTU members and supporters around the world. We need funds for much more promotional material, banners, posters, radio ads and t-shirts to help spread the UBUNTU campaign message.
Please make a donation on our website - OR send a once of PayPal donation to - in support.
In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger