Sunday, 15 May 2016

1000 New UBUNTU Members in Four Days

Waterval Boven UBUNTU Team Makes Amazing Progress and expands it to Machadodorp, Belfast and Dullstroom. 

Waterval Boven UBUNTU Campaign team - On the GO.
In a few days we have over 1000 signed up members and supporters. This is an incredible success as people are attracted to our message almost immediately. BUT we need more funding - please do not stop supporting us. Every day we have to transport, feed and pay people sustenance money for their efforts - this campaigning is a hungry beast - but we are making great progress daily.  Go to our DONATE page and make a donation PLEASE - we can smell a victory in our tows.

Team leader - Doctor, with a very excited team after the first 2 days doing door-to-door calling and on the street campaigning


497 Signatures in the first 2 days of campaigning - 1000 at the end of four days

Our team ready to hit the road in our new Toyota workhorse vehicle. we really need a pick-up truck to transport PR materials to different sites every day - this remains one of the logistical problems we have to manage daily