Friday, 29 April 2016

UBUNTU Campaign for SA Elections 2016 Hits The Road

Over this past week I visited 3 more municipalities and met with the UBUNTU representatives in great excitement. Wherever I go and speak to people it always creates a great interest from everyone nearby. Below are pictures of representatives from the following towns. Mr. Mlhutuzi Mkonto and his team from Steynsdorp; Brendon, Zama and Zakhele from Badplaas, and Riccardo from White River, who is a musician with an amazing recording studio. This coming week I will be visiting and training representatives in Soweto, Kagiso, Sebokeng, Mamelodi, Bela Bela and more. It is relentless and exhausting work but highly rewarding to see the joy and excitement on people's faces and feel the rise of positive energy as they realise that we can do this - we can win a small municipality and start the domino effect towards prosperity and abundance for all - it will take just ONE SMALL TOWN.

Please support our election funding campaign -  we need lots more funding for posters, banners, flags and t-shirts and travelling costs to be as visible as we can be.

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Mlhutuzi Mkonto from Steynsdorp in blue top and his initial team at his humble home.

More from Steynsdorp

Michael and Riccardo Balisteri - in White River - in his amazing recording studio

Michael & Riccardo

Brendan and Michael in Badplaas - at his organic nursery. Brendan is a real green wizard - one of his specialities is making compost from alien invasive trees.

Zama and Zakhele in front - Brendan and Michael rear - Badplaas team