Saturday, 30 April 2016

First Soup Kitchen Launched by UBUNTU in Waterval Boven

UBUNTU Launches our first community soup kitchen to feed the children, elderly and the hungry. It was our first day with all the first day hiccups and frustrations but in the end it all went as well as we hoped. We will run the soup kitchen every Saturday and Sunday morning until the election three months from now on the 3rd August 2016 - to show the people how easy it is to look after the needy and our community as a whole. This is part of the UBUNTU Party promise to the people. Every community must have a community kitchen to feed the hungry - no matter who they are. This is after all the true spirit of UBUNTU - bringing it back into our communities. Westernisation and capitalism has destroyed the spirit of UBUNTU amongst large parts of the African population - it is time to bring UBUNTU back into our communities, before the indoctrination of money and capitalism grows any deeper - especially among the African youth who are very obviously the target of the elite.

Please make a donation towards our election campaign - we urgently need more funding to replicate our activity in 12 other municipalities - go to:
In unity & resonance
Michael Tellinger

Charlotte and Michael setting up in the morning

Sylvester on the right offered us his street food stall to host the soup kitchen

Michael, Sylvester and his assistant - whose name I forgot to take this morning

Michael, Charlotte, Sylvester & assistant