Monday, 18 April 2016

European UBUNTU Tour Ends - South African Elections Next 3 August 2016

The European UBUNTU tour ends on a high in Ireland and London on the 9th April 2016.

I left Europe on a high from the final event in St Peter's Church in London - where about 250 people crammed in to share in the spirit of unity and laying the strong foundation for the UBUNTU movement in the UK. We are compiling a core team of activators in the UK to drive the movement forward and start implementing our plan of action on the political front with UBUNTU Party UK.
Our new strategy for ONE SMALL TOWN - is now well planted in the UK and especially in the heart of the beast that has enslaved the planet with its financial systems. Remember that the City of London - the square mile where the HQ of the global banking control is located, is here in London, from where the banking families manage and control the financial systems of the world. This will all change in the blink of an eye - all we have to do is stand united as living breathing human beings and realise that we no longer want this slavery system to rule over us. It can change so much quicker than most of us realise - and we do not have to oppose anyone, resist anyone or fight anyone. 
All we have to do is to create our own reality in ONE SMALL TOWN. Please watch the presentation from Ireland   and the new one from London that will still be posted, to see how simple it is. But we need to stand united in our vision for a utopian world and the paradise that we all want for ourselves.  

SA ELECTIONS 3 August 2016
I will now start the full blown campaign for the South African Municipal elections - having to deal with around 185 candidates who want to represent UBUNTU Party in SA. This will be an exhausting task and will require ongoing funding. More info in a separate article to follow. Please make a donation to our campaign on the link below:

In unity - Michael Tellinger.