Sunday, 6 March 2016

UPDATE - UBUNTU Workshops In Europe - UK - Ireland

Several intensive UBUNTU & Contributionism workshops in the EU with Michael Tellinger

Our intention is to find a core group of people to manage and drive the UBUNTU movement in these countries as we have now achieved in Austria, USA and Australia. 
From 25 March to 9 April 2016.

Vienna/Wien: 25/3/2016 - 1pm Future Schutzhaus 1150

Bavaria Germany: 27/3/2016 - 2 pm -  Launching Ubuntu Germany :  GH Maurer at Samerberg south of Munich - Jenbachhalle, Ackerpointstrasse, 83075 Bad Feilnbach  -

Italy: 28/3/2016 - 5pm  Venue: Center Rudolf Braunhofer,  Musberg Albeins, 7 Frazione Albes, Bressanone, BZ 39042

Praha / Prague: 31/3/2016 - 6pm - 10pm - ART & EVENT GALLERY - ČERNÁ LABUŤ (BLACK SWAN) Na Poříčí 25 - 110 00  Praha 1 - Nové Město -

Biere Germany: 2 April 2016 Special Training Session 10 am - 5pm
MGT Institute for Consciousness - Salzer Straße 9a - 39221 Biere - Germany
Tel. +49 39297 28922  Mobile +43 670 2025527  Booking is necessary for this event.
This is a special full day UBUNTU training session for those interested in becoming UBUNTU Party Deutschland Representatives and Candidates. We are establishing an UBUNTU Contributionism Academy at this venue in Biere, under the guidance of well experienced facilitators.Claudia, Lena and Casper.
Anyone who wants to participate in the political side of the UBUNTU movement must attend this training session - so that we all speak with the same knowledge and share the same plan of action. This session is a very liberating experience for all who participate and will give you absolute confidence  - in your heart - about what we are doing. I encourage those that want to be involved in the political side to attend this event.

MARBELLA MALAGA - Spain / Espana   5 April 2016 - 6pm - Venue: Laude San Pedro International College.  Address: Urbanización Nueva Alcántara, Avda La Coruña, 2, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Marbella, Málaga - Phone: 952 79 99 00 - Contact is Nicole  King - Registration form:

Ireland 7 April 2016 - 4pm to 10pm - Canal Court Hotel Merchants Quay, Newry, BT358HF - Clanrye O’Hare’s Suite on the 1st floor

United Kingdom  Saturday 9 April - 12 noon - 4pm.  St Peter's Church, 310 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY. The nearest station is Vauxhall.    

These workshops are highly enlightening and inspirational and cover a full history of banking, origins of money, the UBUNTU philosophy of cooperation, and our simple plan of action for the political activity with the UBUNTU Party. The workshops are aimed not only at prospective representatives and candidates, but also at everyone who resonates with our message and wants to learn more about the philosophy of UBUNTU and how the political party activity will help us to speed up our plan of action to create abundance and prosperity for all.

I will cover all of the key points and much more as spelled out in our manifesto:
  • Free Electricity For Every Town and Community - how can we achieve it?
  • Initiating diverse community projects and the creation of abundance
  • Turning our hospitals into true healing centres
  • Setting our scientists and inventors free
  • Dramatic stimulation of arts and cultural activities
  • The minority rule principle - how does that benefit our communities?
  • How to turn every small town into a powerful labour force owned by the people and not corporations or the government
Looking forward to see you.
In unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger