Saturday, 13 February 2016

UBUNTU Response to a Letter From Concerned Member

Dear Lea
Thank you for your feedback and concern.
It is really difficult to write 500 letters to individual people like yourself who want to help and often have good ideas - but this is not possible for me to do. So I will write this response and place it on the UBUNTU website for everyone to read. 
Please keep in mind that the UBUNTU movement has a very simple and pure approach to getting humanity out of this mess in every sphere of our lives. There are various stages we will need to go through and adopt new plans as our success grows.

I get many emails telling us that we should unite with this movement and that movement. Please know that UBUNTU supports all movements and individuals that are working on alleviating human misery and suffering and we will continue to support them into the future. We have very good relations ships with various groups like Thrive, New Earth Nation, Venus Project and many others - but while we support each other in many ways, we have to stick to our own plan - just like the others stick to their plan. In fact, we are all working together in support of each other on parallel paths towards the same goal and economic freedom.
We do not need to unite and become one - we have to work independently in our areas of speciality - this way we are impossible to overcome - like ants of conscious change everywhere. We are like individual links of a long chain - all working together - tightening the chain of consciousness around the neck of the beast. We will all eventually come together and unite in the middle with very little effort when we overcome the beast.
Some people do not agree with one of our strategies - the political arm - mainly because of not having enough information and not really knowing the detailed plan of action. Politics plays a critical part of of our plan. Politics controlls and destroys out lives on a daily basis. Anyone that has not realised this is just fooling themselves. We cannot ignore politics - it will not go away. So we have to do something about it, while we are sharing the UBUNTU philosophy of unity with the world. Our political approach is not aimed at government, it is aimed at local small municipalities and towns. This is our Achilles Heel approach - to inject the virus of consciousness into the beast where they least expect it. It will be the smallest village or town that will start the domino effect.
One elected mayor in a small town is much more effective at bringing change to the town than 20 elected members of parliament. It is a very simple but smart approach - and it is very achievable. We can reach all the people in small towns with our message - where we will not be able to do this in big cities. This is really important to digest as part of the UBUNTU plan. We are aiming at winning the election in just one small town and implement the UBUNTU plan of action, and use this town as an example to the rest of the world. Once we have an UBUNTU mayor in just one small town the expansion will become unstoppable.

Do not be scared of politics - it should be there to serve us - and politicians are supposed to be the servants of the people - so we have to change politics into a part of human activity that serves the people - not enslaves the people. People need to see real fresh blood on the political front - not just corruption and lies as we see in politics today.
UBUNTU presents a new alternative way forward very clearly and simply - on the community level - which is supported by the UBUNTU Party on the political front. To do one without the other is like having just one arm... a lot less effective.
I trust that this has shed some light on the plan ahead and help you see how simple and easy our transition can be - if we just stand together.

In love, unity and resonance
Michael Tellinger