Monday, 8 February 2016

UBUNTU Party Manifesto For 2016 Municipal Elections South Africa

Uplifting our communities
Launching many community projects
Converting our towns into places of abundance and prosperity

We, the people, have appointed the government to act as our servant and to do the best for the people at all times. But our government has failed us dramatically on every level. The South African economy and natural resources have been plundered by greedy international corporations, supported by ignorant politicians, with no remorse or any accountability to its people. Our current economic policy is dictated by a PRIVATE corporation called the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, with secret owners in Basel, Switzerland, who control our government. Under the SARB’s protection, our banks create money out of THIN AIR, which they “lend” to unsuspecting people at compound interest, turning our people into DEBT slaves for the rest of our lives. Their interests are protected by a complex legal system which does NOT serve the people. Corporations have more rights than living breathing human beings. The government has turned the people into its slaves.

Saving Our People From Financial Slavery
We cannot change the central government or the banking system at a municipal level, but we can take back our towns from the corrupt officials who promote the banks’ agenda of enslaving our people. It is up to us to turn our towns into places of beauty, abundance and prosperity for all.

The UBUNTU Philosophy
1.    The country belongs to its people – Not to the government
2.    Our towns belong to the people – Not to the municipality
3.    Let the people govern themselves in their towns and communities


UBUNTU Community Development Projects

FREE ELECTRICITY to unite the people. UBUNTU has access to new technology and scientists that will provide a new source of electricity – that will be FREE to the people over 3 years. This electricity will enable us to start all the following community projects.

Community kitchen to feed the orphans, the aged and the homeless – Recycling of the rubbish dump – Food gardens to grow enough food for all our people all year round – Re-activating the vandalised buildings and projects – Bakery with a master chef to train our bakers to bake many kinds of breads – Mushroom cultivation – Growing seedlings teaching primary school children new skills – Beautifying our town with fruit trees and nut trees for growing food along the streets and in the parks – Fish Farming can produce more than a million fish per month, create many jobs and feed our entire town and create abundance from exports – Dairy production of milk; cream; butter and cheese – Learning Centre for adults and children providing alternative learning of skills for life – Arts & Crafts Studio – pottery, weaving, fabrics, sewing, knitting, clothing, shoemaking and more – Music School with a variety of instruments available for students – Community hall for educational film screenings, musical performances, talent contests, theatrical shows, and more – Wood and timber factory – Saw mill and training facility – Metal factory – Manufacturing various building materials like bricks, tiles, wood, windows, and more – Community laboratory for cosmetics, shampoos, toothpaste using the knowledge of our traditional healers – Upgrading of our hospitals and clinics – inviting volunteer doctors and nurses from around the world to come share their knowledge and skills with our own healers and medical staff – Manufacturing Oxygenated Water to heal our people of many diseases – Creation of public parks and recreational areas – Tourism – Upgrade existing tourism attractions and introduce several new and exciting tourism attractions to benefit our community – Upgrading and maintaining all the sporting facilities – Creating a healthy environment of sport and recreation with regular competition between teams for public participation and enjoyment – A local Radio Station – A COUNCIL OF ELDERS appointed by the people to be the representative voice of the people, to advise and guide the community.

Cooperation - Not Competition
In return for the FREE electricity, everyone will be required to contribute 3 hours per week to one of the community projects. This will create a powerful united labour force that no corporation can match – creating abundance for all our people. Everyone who participates will be entitled to free food and other goods from all the community projects.

The solutions are simple. Our scientists, engineers, farmers and ordinary people have the answers and knowledge to solve all our problems rapidly and provide solution. The UBUNTU Party does not seek to govern the people but rather to empower the people to govern themselves in united communities. No one homeless – no one hungry – everyone contributing their “labour of love” for the greater benefit of all in their community.


Contact UBUNTU office – 013 257 0479