Tuesday, 9 February 2016

UBUNTU Launches New Global Connector


For a long time I have been promising that UBUNTU will connect people to each other in their own cities, states or countries, allowing them to connect to each other, to share and activate a new reality for their area and be able to connect with any other UBUNTU supporter around the world. Finally we have this new global connector thanks to Mat Dowle.
Please go there now and sign up - so that you can see the others in your area and be able to connect and network with like-minded people who feel the same way about our future and are doing something about it - even if it is just talking about it.
UBUNTU PLANET is the platform for the activation of the UBUNTU philosophy - while this website is the workhorse that keeps activating the political front. Join the rapidly growing UBUNTU community around the world with members in almost every country. Become the seed of consciousness in your area and keep spreading the message of unity and abundance. It is the time for true change and we are the ones we have been waiting for - so let's keep doing it in larger and larger numbers.
Go to www.ubuntuplanet.org - and join us now.