Monday, 1 February 2016

UBUNTU Austria Meeting A Great Success - Wien 31 Jan 2016

A great big and warm thank you to Gernot Gauper and his team in Vienna, for the very successful UBUNTU tour of the major cities in Austria and the well attended UBUNTU meeting in WIEN on the 31st January 2016.
Austria is now leading the way and inspiring others to do something. I am planing a tour of the EU in March - April 2016 - to do several UBUNTU workshops and training sessions with those interested in becoming actively involved with the UBUNTU movement and UBUNTU Party in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland and Italy. If you want to become part of the core group that starts up the UBUNTU movement and Party in any of these countries, please make sure to fill in the form below so that you get onto the database and I can communicate with you directly.
Keep spreading the UBUNTU message of unity, higher consciousness and abundance for all. Till later
Michael Tellinger