Friday, 12 February 2016

How Banks Create Money Out Of Thin Air & Free Electricity

After yesterday's interview on Power FM in Johannesburg, and having to respond to some comments from callers, I realised how ill-informed some people in South Africa remain about the central banks and the creation of money. So here is an article (below) to support just some of what I touched upon during the short interview. Please read as much as you can to inform and educate yourself about this critical issue that rips our lives and communities apart.
Modern banks and their privately owned, central bank masters, like SARB (South African Reserve Bank) are nothing more than legalised criminal organisations that have taken control of our governments, enslaved our people and stolen our countries from us with all the resources.
Please take a look at how the UBUNTU Party dealt with this issue on a national level during the 2014 elections - where we proposed the closing of SARB and replacing it with a PEOPLE'S BANK, and then in contrast on a local municipal level especially for the upcoming election in 2016 - where we propose the establishment of large numbers of community projects that will cover all the needs of communities to take care of most everything - starting with the provision of FREE ELECTRICITY for all.
Every town or community needs to establish its own supply of electricity and be in control of such supply - away from the control by ESKOM.
Where there is flowing water, wind and sunlight, we have free electricity. On top of this there are other more advanced supplies of electricity, but these are fiercely guarded by our governments and the energy companies.
Once we have established the turbines or other methods to collect the energy, it becomes free to the people - because we own the system and the river does not charge us for the flowing water. All we need to do is to maintain the installation. The rest of the projects all depend on this initial supply of our own electricity  - and suddenly everything becomes possible and we can start to turn our towns into the utopian places we all imagine they can be. Do not believe the lies of governments, bankers or energy giants - they all have the same agenda - to keep us ignorant and enslaved to their system of control. And money is simply the tool they use to implement this enslavement. Remember - money does nothing... people do everything.
In unity
Michael Tellinger

Read article below:
A Loophole Allows Banks – But Not Other Companies – to Create Money Out of Thin Air
The central banks of the United States, England, and German - as well as 2 Nobel-prize winning economists - have all shown that banks create money out of thin air ... even if they have no deposits on hand.
The failure of most governments and most mainstream economists to understand this fact - they instead believe the myth that people make deposits at their bank, and these deposits are then lent out to new borrowers - is the main cause of our rampant inequality and economic problems.
But how do banks actually make loans before they have sufficient deposits on hand?
Economics professor Richard Werner - the creator of quantitative easing - noted in September that the field of economics has been lost in the woods for an entire century because it has failed to understand how banks actually create money.
Professor Richard Werner wrote an academic paper in 2014 concluding: Click link to open article.