Monday, 18 January 2016

Thank You To Those Who Contributed - Please continue your support

Our official crowd funding campaign has ended.
This is a great big thank you to everyone that has contributed to our UBUNTU Party Election campaign. I will start distributing the various items offered within 24 hours. Some will take longer to send as we have to print and package.
I apologise for the delay - As I returned home after my not-so-vacation of 10 days, I arrived to a town on full strike and rioting on the streets by the people; a child that was shot and killed by local police; a deepening crisis in our town and whole municipality. The municipal offices were burnt to the ground and the Mayor was too scared to get out of the car when arriving to speak to the people while under police escort. We have had ongoing power failures, and a part of our town is still in darkness after 3 days while some parts are without water.
As the crisis deepens and people get more disgruntled with the mayor and municipality, it presents UBUNTU Party with a perfect opportunity to show its face and start sharing our plan of action with the people. I am holding the first meeting with community leaders today where we hope to start planting the seeds.
Some of the funds raised will go towards establishing a mobile community soup kitchen where we will feed the homeless and hungry children one meal daily - since many are now completely destitute because of the strikes and many people have no income at all. So - our work begins today. I will also be travelling to all the 7 municipalities that we are targeting to start mobilising the local support and launching the ongoing awareness until the elections take place.

We fell well short of our target in this fund raising effort - but please do not stop supporting us financially as we approach the elections. Ongoing contributions can be made on our website where people can sign up for a monthly contribution of your choice. This will ensure that we can continue from month to month doing what we can in the run-up to the elections.  Click here for the donation page:

Please share this once again with all those who will resonate with our activity and philosophy.
Till later - spread the UBUNTU word and become a seed of consciousness in your area.
In unity - Michael Tellinger